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Using Our Experiences to Help You Create Yours

Welcome to Wild Heart African Safaris   

Wild Heart African Safaris is an indigenous Safari Company that works in affiliation with RegalTravel By Design USA.

Wild Heart is passionate and excited about our warm people, exotic wildlife, breathtaking scenery, unique culture, and extraordinary activities that will impact your heart and mind for a lifetime.

We are all about showing you the Wild Side of Africa. An East African Safari is an amazing travel experience. The diverse wildlife, gorilla safaris and stunning landscapes make Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya the perfect destinations for adventure travel in Africa.

We have intertwined our passion for business with our long experience in serving to create what we believe to be one of the best Safari teams to work with for your...

Dream Safari.

Our safaris are custom made to maximize your time, budget and above all objective for trip!

We pride in service, safety, success, giving great value for your money and time.

Contact our team of experienced and enthusiastic tour agents now, and let's start planning your African adventure of a lifetime! Irrespective of your budget or income bracket, we have something beautiful for everyone ;

Luxury Safaris Enjoy the highest quality transport, accommodation, and foods available. Relax and rejuvenate with full-service serenity and style.

Mid-range Safaris Experience comfort and fun at a lesser cost. All services are average or above average.

Budget Safaris Most affordable trip that can be offered, though still safe and with quality care fom us. Good for students, volunteers, or anyone trying to save and still see all the scenery and wildlife, while having an adventure Adventure in Uganda!


If you LoVe Adventure, then you don't just want to do something Mild but... something that will get your blood pumping!


the adrenalin rush of excitement at seeing something Wild and Thrillingly unusual!

Watching wild life on the planes of Africa will give you just that!

Wild heart safaris has hundreds of ideas and options on how you can best maximize you adventure while in Africa. You can do one activity or you can combine several activities to increase the thrill and create an unforgeteable safari! 




Uganda ... Jorney at a glance (sample package)  Let me see