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 Experience the thrill of Gorilla trekking!
There is no experience in the world like being in the presence of the Gentle Giants of the Ancient Forests-Mountain Gorillas! You cannot experience them in person anywhere else in the world (they do not survive in zoos) but in this little part of Africa called Uganda.
There are only three countries in Africa with the rare Mountain Gorillas-you cannot find them in South Africa, you cannot find them in Botswana, nor Tanzania or Kenya. Uganda has over half of the mountain Gorillas in the world. Currently there is ten Gorilla Family groups which are habituated and open to tourists to visits.
The beauty about the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda is the proximity with other attractions. Visit the chimpanzees in the nearby parks, the abundant wild life of Queen Elizabeth Park, including the Tree Climbing Lions found in Ishasha. Climb the virunga volcanoes at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park-hike the foothills of the Mountains of the moon-the Rwenzori Mountains, the options are endless for a memorable combination safari in Uganda.
Uganda is the Mountain Gorilla Country in Africa with over half of the remaining Mountain Gorillas and with 12 habituated Uganda certainly deserves the title of Gorilla country. The beauty and diversity of Uganda is unlike other nearby countries, its unique biodiversity allows you to enjoy scenic wonders, wildlife including tree –climbing lions, Chimpanzee, more birds than any other country in Africa. Crown this with cultural visits and events such as a village stay, hiking in mountains taller than the Alps, the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon-the tallest Mountain range in all of Africa.
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Uganda... Gorilla Trekking Adventure At A Glance          

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