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The gorilla is the largest of the great apes family, which includes the chimpanzee and orangutan as well. It can be divided in three sub-species most of which are located in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. Gorillas have a patchy distribution. The range of the two species is separated by the Congo River and its tributaries. The western gorilla lives in west central Africa, while the eastern gorilla lives in east central Africa. Between the species and even within the species, gorillas live in a variety of habitats and elevations. Gorilla habitat ranges from montane forests to swamps. Eastern gorillas inhabit montane and submontane forests between 650 and 4000 m (2132-13,123 ft) above sea level.


Mountain Gorillas live in the montane forests at the higher ends of the elevation range, while eastern lowland gorillas live in submontane forests at the lower ends of the elevation range. In addition, eastern lowland gorillas live in montane bamboo forests, as well as lowland forests ranging from 600–3308 m (1969-10,853 ft) in elevation. Western gorillas live in both lowland swamp forests and montane forests, and elevations ranging from sea level to 1600 m (5249 ft). Western lowland gorillas live in swamp and lowland forests ranging up to 1600 m (5249 ft), and Cross River gorillas live in low-lying and submontane forests ranging from 150–1600 m (492–5249 ft).Kabale is a perfect springboard to go mountain gorilla (the famous of the gorilla species) tracking in Bwindi, Mgahinga in Uganda, Virungas of Democratic Republic of Congo and the Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda and Safari 2 Gorilla is the best tour company in this region thus providing you with the best of services.

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