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We believe in participating in causes that advance God's kingdom here on earth. We believe in loving people especailly the needy and less fortunate. We cherish serving with an attitude of humility and integrity. That is why we love helping you on your quest to love and serve.


Working In conjunction with our sister- not-for-profit organization Smile Uganda and co laboring with hundreds of other reputable local organizations, wild heart offers to help you maximize the goals of your mission/volunteer trip with more accuracy and effectiveness. By helping with orientation, covering the logistics and nitty grities of your stay, we help guarantee you a more fulfilling experience for you, as well as an empowering and lasting investment for the local people.


We have in the past assisted mission trips for churches, para-church organizations, and others who desire to serve effectively the people in Uganda with travel and on-ground logistics.


Often groups coming do not have solid local connections or people with cultural background and experience assisting with the trip. We simply want to offer-NOT IMPOSE- our experience and exposure so your mission trip will be the more worthwhile.  

"We will be here for you the day you arrive, while you serve and when you leave in case you need follow up!"'


Please connect with us to discuss the vision you have to serve people and how we can assist you in this process.

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